When the time comes to move into a care home, there may be a mix of emotions. There is likely to be a sense of relief for both you and your loved one, but there is also likely to be a degree of uncertainty and maybe even some nervousness.

At ACI Care, we want to make any move as easy as possible so here we are going to consider exactly what you can expect whether you are receiving respite care, residential care, or dementia care.

First things first

Before it gets to the stage of moving into a care home, you need to be sure that you have found the right home for you and your loved one. An initial conversation with a care provider is often the best first step. This can help you to find out key information and to see if the care home is the right fit.

Arrange a visit

If you were going to move house you would arrange a viewing first. Moving into a care home is no different. ACI Care encourages potential residents and their families to pay us a visit. This is a chance to see the environment itself and also to ask the staff any questions.

Make your space homely

When it comes to moving in you will find that staff will offer you all of the support that you need. They will make sure that your move goes without a hitch and that you can make your room your own. We often find that residents love to bring items from home so that they can decorate their rooms and make them their own.

24/7 care on hand

Of course, a move into a care home has been for a reason. Whether you are in need of respite care, residential care, or dementia care it is important that this is on hand when you need it. At ACI Care homes, the assistance that you need is available every second of every day from our caring members of staff.

Life on your terms

Moving into a care home is a step towards taking back control. Do you want to throw yourself into all of the activities that are on offer or do you want to step back and enjoy some peace and quiet? Either way, you take charge of what you want to do, and our staff will support you every step of the way.

A chance to explore new hobbies

Perhaps you already have a favourite pastime. Maybe you are looking for something new. ACI Care homes cater for your needs regardless. We can help you rekindle an old interest or we can introduce you to something new. There is plenty to get involved with.

Make new friends

Our residents build strong friendships with each other. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that our care homes have a family feel to them. Whether it is mixing in communal areas or taking part in many of the activities that are offered, there is plenty of opportunities to mix with other residents and to form meaningful relationships.

Great quality meals

Our care homes boast the very best when it comes to the dining experience. We provide meals that are balanced and healthy and, more importantly, tasty! Our dining rooms ensure that meals are also a social occasion and they provide a great way to catch up with other residents.

For more information on what it’s like to live at an ACI Care home, get in touch with our friendly team today and we’d be delighted to show you around.

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