We know that finding the right care can all get a little confusing. Whether you are searching for yourself, or a loved one, there needs to be a certainty when it comes to the types of care that are offered. At ACI Care, we’re here to help you through your journey to finding the right home for you, starting with understanding the different types of care available…


Residential care

Residential care offers a safe, secure, and fun environment where residents are given only the support that they want or need. This sees residents being assisted with personal care tasks such as washing, dressing, and perhaps taking medication.

At ACI Care, our residential care homes have a focus on activities and socialising alongside the standard care that is provided. We ensure that our residents’ lives are full and rewarding.

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Dementia care

Dementia care sees additional support put into place for those who have been diagnosed with this condition. While residents may need similar support to those receiving residential care, there also needs to be consideration given to other needs. This may involve memory loss or difficulty with making sense of surroundings.

ACI Care homes provide specialist trained staff who offer the very best in dementia care. This means that all our residents’ needs are understood and managed. The result is that lives can be lived to the fullest.

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Respite care

Respite care allows residents to experience all that residential care has to offer but is provided on a temporary basis. Respite care may be for several nights, or it could be for several weeks. Often this type of care is sought where someone is perhaps recovering from a hospital stay or where a family member is temporally unavailable.

At ACI Care, our respite care residents have access to all the support, care, and activities that our long-term residents have. We provide the perfect environment that allows for recovery or even just a break.

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Residential, dementia and respite care are the three main services we offer in our homes. Alternative care options that may be suitable for you include specialist nursing and palliative care homes…


Nursing care

Nursing homes could be the right option for you or your loved one if care demands are a little higher than what is offered in a care home. Nursing care sees assistance being provided with more personal care, but there are also qualified nurses who form part of the team.

Nursing care is suited to those who experience significant struggles with day-to-day life. It is for residents who require the care of a nurse and are being treated for various medical conditions.


Palliative care

This type of care is provided for people who have an illness, or disease, that they are not able to recover from. Palliative care is also referred to as end-of-life care and is offered to those who are in the latter stages of illness.

There is a focus on dignity here, both in life and in death. Attention is given to people as a whole, ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible in terms of pain management as well psychological, social, and spiritual wellbeing.


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