Moving into a care home is a major decision. It is one usually taken by both yourself and loved ones together. One of the more challenging aspects can be leaving your own home and worrying that you are leaving behind an array of memories.

Care homes, such as those run by ACI Care Group, look to make this part of your journey as easy as possible. Part of this is allowing residents to personalise their rooms and to make them as homely as they possibly can. Here are some of the ways that you can make your room as individual as you are:

Adding photos

People spend a lifetime taking and collecting photographs. These are usually proudly displayed in our own homes. They help us to reminisce about journeys from our past, old friends, and our relatives. Given how much photos mean to us all, these are something that you should be including in your room at your care home. This really helps with our residents wellbeing as it keeps memories alive and provides a great talking point for visitors.

Small items of furniture

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture at home? Perhaps it’s a chest of draws that proudly displays your favourite photographs. Maybe it’s a bedside cabinet that you just can’t do without. Whatever it may be, why not bring it with you? Adding smaller items of furniture can make your room your own and also bring a sense of familiarity. You could go as far as recreating a part of your room at home to help you to feel more settled.

Recreating smells

Our sense of smell is perhaps more powerful than some people think. The truth is that we all have our favourite smells and, sometimes, we associate these with places where we have felt happy and secure. Recreating these smells in your room is a great way to add some individuality and to help you feel at home. It could be that you bring something with you that has a familiar smell, or maybe you use the likes of reed diffusers to create the smell that you want.

Consider bringing your own bedding

Sleeping in a new bed can often be a bit of a challenge and can take time to get used to. One way to help with this is by bringing your own bedding with you. Not only will you have something that makes you feel more comfortable, but you will also have something else that shows your individuality with your choice of colours and fabrics.

Create a memory box

Moving into a care home can feel like you are leaving memories behind. One way of keeping them with you is by creating a memory box. This can contain anything that you want it to that is able to help you recall fond memories. If this is something that you maybe feel you could share, it also provides the ideal opportunity for care staff to get to know the real you.


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