It was very unfortunate for us that CQC came to inspect Gabriel Court just a matter of weeks after we became part of ACI. With our longstanding Manager, Rose, and our new owners, we had already put a plan of action together to work with Fulcrum Care Consulting to rapidly update our processes.

CQC came to visit us in May 2021 before we had a chance to get started but they did not identify anything that we didn’t already know we wanted to improve on. Therefore, we fully accept that the standards at the time needed to improve.

However, the standards now are much, much higher thanks to the incredible work of our staff team, supported by ACI and our excellent consultants. Within a short period of time, we have transformed the way that we work and developed considerably.

We are very confident that our standards are reaching the high level that we set ourselves and we continue to work on this to ensure the best possible care for our Residents.

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