dementia care

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what isdementia care?

Dementia care is provided by homes for those who have been diagnosed with the condition. Those who have been diagnosed with dementia often require a degree of additional care when compared to other residents. This can be due to memory loss, difficulty in making sense of their surroundings, or issues with their perception.

Dementia care sees these additional concerns being catered for. Our highly trained staff ensure that the needs of residents are fully understood and managed. Dementia care becomes necessary when what is offered through residential care is no longer enough.


who is dementiacare for?

Access to dementia care is important to both the person diagnosed with the condition and for the family members who are involved. For a person who has been diagnosed with dementia, it will reach the stage where it is no longer safe to leave them alone at home. As the condition progresses, there is a loss of independence and greater reliance is placed upon family.

For family members, there is an impact. Caring for someone with dementia is not only upsetting: it can also be exhausting. Seeking dementia care from Mountside, part of ACI, can allow families a sense of relief. They are able to take a step back while knowing that their loved one is receiving the full care that they need.


why choosedementia care?

Choosing for a loved one to receive dementia care in a home can be one of the hardest decisions that a family can face. In truth though, once the decision has been made the benefits become apparent almost instantly.

Family members can rest easy knowing that their loved one is well looked after, and focus their attention on the quality times together.


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