Admissions Policy

Admission (In short)

Prior to moving to The Old Rectory we encourage people to visit the home, enabling them to view the home at first hand and ask questions. Our manager will also complete a pre-assessment of needs to ensure we can offer the level of help needed.

Once all parties have agreed, we will invite you to be part of our home. The first month being an assessment period, with a review to ensuring everyone is satisfied. We will help you decide what you would like to bring with you to help personalise your room and feel comfortable and safe.

Prior to admission you will need a negative COVID-19 PCR test, which we can arrange for you if not already taken (e.g. one would be taken if you were being discharged from hospital). Then on the day of admission you will need to complete a Lateral Flow Test (LFT).

Due to the COVID-19 risk, residents admitted to the home will be assessed whether they need to isolate. Risk assessments will take into consideration whether residents have had both COVID-19 vaccines (which we highly recommend) and if they are coming from a home or hospital setting, how long they have been shielding, etc.

Whilst you are isolating we will ensure your health and well-being is monitored for any changes and we will ensure you do not get lonely.

We understand that some residents living with Dementia will be unaware of the importance of self-isolating and the associated risks, therefore a more detailed risk assessment will be followed to further mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

We will endeavour to make your transition to The Old Rectory as smooth as possible.

Note that our policies are being continually updated in line with changes to government guidance so please feel free to contact the home if you have any specific questions.