Are you looking to stay warm in the latter months of autumn?

With winter fast approaching, it may prove more challenging for people to stay warm. As such, cold weather preparation for the elderly is essential.

Keep reading to discover our top tips to help those in your care stay healthy, cosy and comfortable during the cooler months:

Cold Weather Preparation | Layer Up

Due to the current energy crisis, switching on the heating is not an option for many elderly people.

A simple and effective solution to staying warm is to double up on clothing layers — even whilst indoors.

Thermal vests and leggings are an excellent way to keep insulated, alongside cardigans, fleeces and jackets. If buying clothing on behalf of an elderly loved one, we’d recommend opting for clothes made from warm fabrics, such as fleece, wool and cotton.

Cold Weather Preparation | Invest in Heat Pads/Hot Water Bottles

Another cost-efficient way of staying warm is investing in heat pads or hot water bottles.

Many elderly people, our residents at Mountside Care Home included, suffer from poor circulation. Often, the hands and feet are the first body parts to feel the cold.

Heat pads and hot water bottles are great options for cold weather preparation. A firm favourite since the 16th century, hot water bottles provide older people with a source of warmth, comfort and cosiness. You can now even buy specialised hot water bottles comprising essential oils, such as rosemary, vanilla and lavender, to assist with sleep and help ease stress.

To keep your loved ones safe, please ensure your hot water bottles have their covers on.

Cold Weather Preparation | Keep the Cold Out

A crucial component of cold weather preparation is to ensure your elderly loved one’s house is weather-proofed. With winter on its way, simple steps can be undertaken to ensure your loved one stays warm and healthy during the colder months.

To save on energy costs, turn off the radiators and close the doors in any rooms in the house that aren’t used. If possible, try and keep your bedroom window shut at night to shut out the cold air and keep the heat of the room.

Other essential life hacks for cold weather preparation include using a keyhole cover to block out droughts and setting up thermal linings for curtains. These are both tried-and-tested measures that will help keep your loved one’s house warm and comfortable this winter.

Ensure Your Loved One Has Warming Food and Drinks

With cold weather preparation underway, another top tip is to consume warm food and drinks.

Soups, stews and pies are all excellent, nutritious meals to provide your loved one with a warming glow from the inside, out.

Cooking can sometimes feel challenging for older individuals. Because of this, we’d recommend stocking up your loved one’s pantry with tins and other basic items. 

It also may be a good idea to stock up their freezer with healthy, homemade meals, too. That way, if they’re not feeling up to cooking, or are unable to pop to the shops to buy ingredients, they have some comforting, nutritious meals to hand.

Encourage Your Loved One to Stay Active

Staying active is imperative to staying warm during the colder months. Gentle, light exercise, even in the form of walking around the house or stretching, can help to boost an older person’s circulation.

Encouraging your loved one to keep moving every hour or so enables them to maintain strength, improve mobility and of course, stay warm!

At our Mountside Care Home, we offer residential, respite and dementia care to help transform the lives of others. If you’re interested in finding out more about the care we provide at ACI Mountside, please contact a member of our team.

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