What isResidential Care?

Residential care homes provide a secure and protected environment for their residents. Individuals residing in these homes can receive personalised assistance with daily activities, such as washing, getting dressed, taking medication, and moving around.

At ACI Care, we prioritise our residents’ desire for independence and autonomy. We believe that they should have the freedom to make choices regarding their daily routines and activities. As such, we never impose assistance on our residents but instead encourage and support their freedom as much as possible.

Our highly trained staff provide support that is tailored to the individual needs of each resident. We work closely with residents and their families to develop personalised care plans, activities and excursions that take into account their unique preferences, interests, and needs.

Alongside traditional activities, such as bingo and quizzes, we also offer dancing, film nights, gardening, trips out, and much more!

Our care homes ensure that our residents’ lives are full and rewarding; adding a little sparkle to their day-to-day routines.

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Who is ResidentialCare For?

Residential care is there to assist those who may need personal care and support, but are otherwise mobile and independent. This option is often sought for elderly people who are finding it difficult to cope with living at home alone.

Typically, those who opt for residential care do not require medical attention or nursing care. Instead, they’re looking for an environment where they can continue to live a full and enjoyable life, with a helping hand along the way.


Why Opt ForResidential Care?

Residential care can be an effective way to address feelings of loneliness and isolation, whilst also providing a sense of security that healthcare professionals are always around should you need them.

In many cases, residents are able to maintain their daily routines, but with less stress as they no longer have to worry about those pesky, household chores!

In addition, residential care provides the benefit of onsite entertainment, keeping residents’ mind and body active, as well as offering the opportunity to make new friends.