Mountside Care Home residents enjoy a heartwarming afternoon at Blacklands Fellowship with the Allsorts Singers.

The residents of Mountside Care Home were treated to an unforgettable experience of music, camaraderie, and sweet treats, creating cherished memories for everyone involved.

The Allsorts Singers serenaded the residents with a selection of popular and classic tunes. The residents, many of whom are long-time music lovers, were seen tapping their feet, humming along, and even singing during some of the performances.

The enthusiasm and warmth of the signers added a special touch to the afternoon, making it a truly communal event. “It’s wonderful to see the joy that music can bring to our residents,” said Kimberley, Activities Coordinator at Mountside Care Home.

Mountside Care Home places a strong emphasis on the importance of community engagement and believes in the positive impact these interactions have on their residents.

This recent gathering was not just an entertainment event but a vibrant celebration of community spirit and the joy of shared experiences. The residents returned to Mountside Care Home with smiles, stories to tell, and an eagerness for the next delightful outing.

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