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At our Fairways Care Home, we specialise in the provision of residential, respite and dementia care. Showcasing our exceptional services, we’ve created a ‘Together-We-Can’ initiative, which aims to fulfil the wishes of our residents, visitors and employees. 


Read our blog to find out how we helped to make a resident’s dream come true:

Quality Care Services | A side image of the alpaca

Quality Care Services: Implementing the Initiative

Putting the initiative in motion, we recently supported one of our residents with a lifelong goal — to meet an alpaca.


Dave, who lives with dementia, has always liked alpacas, and expressed a wish to see one someday. 


With the help of his friend, Nicola, we were able to deliver on this goal — arranging a visit from ‘Alpaca Annie’, the UK’s number one alpaca experience. 


The initial surprise soon turned to delight, as Dave exclaimed that they were ‘lovely’ and made him smile. He also became particularly fond of one ‘cheeky’ furry visitor, named Bebe.

Quality Care Services | Some of the alpacas showed a cheeky spirit!

Quality Care Services | The Alpacas’ Visit

Alongside Dave, our other residents thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the alpacas. Welcoming the alpacas in our garden at Fairways, our residents were able to stroke and talk with their new furry friends. 


Our goal is to offer quality care services, so we went all out by serving a delicious cream tea. Much to our delight, the occasion was also complemented by beautiful sunny weather!


During the visit, we found out more about Annie’s business. Based in Romney Marsh, it originally started when her mother was living with dementia, and found animals therapeutic. 


Annie’s herd has now grown to 87 alpacas (although unfortunately, we couldn’t fit them all in our garden!).

The alpacas in our garden

A Message From Our Registered Manager

Alison Yarnley, our Registered Manager at Fairways, expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in making Dave’s dream come true. 


Speaking of the visit, she said: “I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made Dave’s wish become a reality. 


“We know that he’s unlikely to remember much from the day, but we also know that the ‘in the moment’ experiences matter so much to someone like Dave, who is living with dementia. It also created lasting memories for his friends and the home to treasure.”


“The day was amazing, even down to Dave wearing his very apt hoodie that said: ‘Adventure? Alpaca my bags’. It’s clear to see how much he loves the animals, and how the day really was a dream come true for him. For us to be a part of that was so special.”

The residents interacting with the alpacas

Quality Care Services: Animal Visits

The alpacas are just one of many activities our Fairways Care Home organises for our residents.


Showing how we go above and beyond to offer quality care services, we often organise regular visits from a variety of animals due to their therapeutic effects.


We recognise that animals can provide sensory stimulation through tactile activities, stimulate memories and positive emotions.


As well as this, their playful nature brings joy and laughter to our residents, helping to enhance their overall wellbeing. 


In doing so, we strive to create an enriching environment that celebrates the power of animal companionship.


If you’re interested in finding out more about our quality care services, please contact a member of our team.


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