The Old Rectory Care Home has recently introduced an innovative and exciting exercise routine that is taking the community by storm. Who says you need a court to play netball?

Our armchair and mobility-friendly version may not involve running or jumping, but it still gets our hearts pumping and brings immense joy to our residents! This unique take on netball has been designed to be inclusive for all residents, regardless of their mobility levels.

The adapted version allows participants to remain seated in armchairs while engaging in the game, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun and reap the benefits of physical activity. The sessions have become a highlight of the week, combining exercise with camaraderie and plenty of laughter.

The Old Rectory Care Home Manager, Cheryl, shared her enthusiasm for the new routine. “We are always looking for creative ways to keep our residents active and engaged. Our armchair netball sessions have been a fantastic addition to our activities programme. It’s wonderful to see our residents enjoying themselves and staying fit in a way that suits their abilities.”

The gentle movements and interactive nature of the game provide a safe yet stimulating workout, helping to maintain physical fitness and mental sharpness. The sessions also foster a sense of achievement and teamwork, as residents cheer each other on and celebrate their successes together.

As The Old Rectory Care Home continues to explore innovative ways to enhance the well-being of its residents, the success of the armchair netball routine stands as a shining example of their commitment to providing a vibrant and engaging environment.

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