Would you like to hear the loving story of a devoted couple, both care home residents,  who’ve been married for 65 years?


In honour of ‘National “I Care About You” Day’, we spoke to Don and Joan at The Old Rectory to hear their heartwarming tale. 


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National Care Day‘National “I Care About You” Day’

The 25th of October marks ‘National “I Care About You” Day’.


This day gives you the opportunity to celebrate those around you and express your gratitude, showing that you care. 


In 2009, this national day was created to recognise the importance of expressing love and appreciation for your friends, family and significant others.


This annual reminder helps you to take a step back and reconnect with others. 


It’s important to show that you care to promote social and emotional well-being and strengthen your relationships with others. 

Don and Joan Care Home ResidentsA Strong Bond Between Care Home Residents

Don, aged 86, and Joan, aged 83, met when they were teenagers during Christmas of 1952.


Christmas is a time of spreading joy and love, and symbolises togetherness — something that was certainly the case for Don and Joan! 


What started as a teenage love story, blossomed into a long life of love and commitment. 


The pair were delighted to welcome two children throughout their 6 decades of marriage. Now married for 65 years, the couple share two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Don and Joan’s story now continues as they are both care home residents at The Old Rectory. 

The Old Rectory Care HomeCare Home Residents | Don’s Advice For a Lasting Marriage 

One of our beloved care home residents, Don, said: “I’d never had a girlfriend before Joan, but when we met, we just slotted together. Our relationship has been very happy and very successful, so we can confidently say we’ve had a good marriage.”


The couple credited their long-lasting marriage to; “saying sorry if you’re in the wrong and telling each other that you love them.”


‘National “I Care About You” Day’ recognises the importance of expressing genuine affection for your loved ones and showing that you care for them. 


Through meaningful words and thoughtful actions, this can help to strengthen connections.


In our care home setting, strong bonds and connections can have a positive impact on the quality of our residents’ lives, providing them with a comfortable and trusting environment. 

Token of older people holding handsJoan’s Thoughts | 65 Years Married

Reminiscing on their earlier days, Joan said “He used to come by my house every night, and in those days we used to sit by the open fire. My mum, step-dad, Don and I would play cards before the television came, but that’s what it was like back then, and we enjoyed it.”


At ACI Care, we aim to promote a warm, comfortable atmosphere for our residents and we understand the importance of assisting with fostering new connections and strengthening existing relationships. 


We encourage our care home residents to regularly engage in stimulating activities to provide a sense of normalcy and social interaction. 


Regular activities also help provide our residents to relive pastimes and engage in games they used to enjoy.

Don and Joan holding handsCelebrating National Days With Our Care Home Residents

Our Registered Manager at The Old Rectory, Kelly Parker, said: “Don and Joan’s story is truly heartwarming and they stand as a testament to the enduring power of love and companionship. 


“Their relationship is a reminder that a bit of compassion goes a long way in a happy marriage, and we’re looking forward to helping them continue their journey together for years to come at The Old Rectory.”


Celebrating national holidays and awareness days helps our residents feel connected to the wider community, and the world at large. 


This also provides them with the opportunity to learn about, and respect, other cultures and traditions, creating an inclusive community. 


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