Fairways Care Home recently showcased their artistic talents in a vibrant celebration of the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

The event was especially meaningful this year, as fellow Kent residents, local gardening experts Steve Edney and Louise Dowle from the No Name Nursery in Sandwich, Kent, achieved a remarkable victory by taking home the gold medal.

Inspired by this local success, Fairways Care Home organised a creative day for all to participate in, filled with painting and colouring beautiful flowers.

Armed with brushes, paints, and colouring pencils, transformed blank canvases into vivid gardens. The activity not only provided a wonderful outlet for creativity but also fostered a sense of community and joy among the residents.

“Our creative day was a huge success,” said Connie, the Activities Coordinator at Fairways Care Home. “We were all so inspired by Steve Edney and Louise Dowle’s incredible achievement at the Chelsea Flower Show. It was a perfect opportunity for us to express ourselves and celebrate the beauty of flowers.”

Fairways Care Home plans to continue incorporating artistic activities into their schedule, recognising the joy and fulfilment it brings. The care home’s celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show and the success of local talents Steve Edney and Louise Dowle will be remembered as one of the highlights of the year.

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