In an exceptional display of commitment to excellence and teamwork, Gabriel Court has proudly achieved a prestigious 5-star rating in its latest Environmental Health Organisation (EHO) inspection. This accolade is a testament to the relentless dedication, stringent hygiene standards, and quality service upheld by the staff at Gabriel Court.

The comprehensive EHO inspection, which scrutinises all aspects of health, safety, and environmental compliance, found Gabriel Court to exceed expectations in every category. From kitchen cleanliness and food safety to waste management and staff training, every facet of Gabriel Court’s operations was meticulously evaluated, culminating in the highest possible rating.

“This achievement is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to not just meeting but exceeding industry standards,” said the manager of Gabriel Court. “Our team’s dedication to maintaining an exceptional environment is what sets us apart, and this 5-star rating is a recognition of their hard work and professionalism.”

Gabriel Court’s achievement demonstrates that high standards of health and safety are not only attainable but also sustainable with the right team and ethos in place.

As Gabriel Court basks in the glow of its well-deserved recognition, as it continues to lead by example, ensuring that the health and safety of its residents and staff remain at the forefront of its mission.

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