Residents and staff at Mountside Care Home were treated to a lively and unique Easter celebration, as they put a twist on the classic game of Beetle Drive with a festive twist. Dubbed the “Easter Bunny Drive,” this event brought joy and laughter to all involved as they rolled inflatable dice to determine who would complete the drawing of a bunny first.

The atmosphere at the Hastings Care Home was filled with excitement and anticipation as residents gathered in the common area adorned with colourful Easter decorations. Staff members had prepared large inflatable dice, adding an element of surprise and novelty to the traditional game.

The rules were simple, yet engaging participants took turns rolling the oversized dice, eagerly awaiting the combination that would allow them to progress in drawing the intricate details of a bunny. Laughter echoed throughout the room as residents and staff eagerly rolled the dice, each hoping to be the first to complete their bunny masterpiece.

Care Home Manager Lisa said: “It’s been absolutely wonderful to see everyone so engaged and having fun. Events like these bring a sense of joy and camaraderie to our residents, especially during special occasions like Easter.”

Mountside Care Home’s innovative take on the classic Beetle Drive brought joy and laughter to all involved, serving as a reminder of the importance of creativity and companionship, particularly during special occasions like Easter. With hearts full of happiness and spirits lifted, residents and staff at Mountside Care Home look forward to more memorable celebrations in the future.

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