Living with dementia presents a significant, emotional, challenge. While there are the impacts on a loved one, there are also effects upon the person trying to care for them. This heartbreaking disease impacts all areas of life: social, practical, and psychological.

At ACI Care Group, we wanted to provide you with more information in relation to dementia care. This can help you to better understand the needs of your family member as well as see when it may be the time to seek outside help.

Understanding the effects of dementia

When thinking about dementia, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the effect on the memory. People are often aware that dementia can play havoc with the memory, but they aren’t always aware of some of the other effects that can be witnessed. Some of these include:

• A loss of self-esteem
• Lower levels of confidence
• A decrease, and eventual loss, of independence
• Significant changes to relationships
• Losing the ability to carry out everyday tasks

When looking to support someone living with dementia, it is important to realise that not all abilities are lost. There is still the ability to feel emotional connections, to both people and places.

What to consider with your support

When you are looking to offer support to a loved one living with dementia, it is important to realise that their relationships, and their surroundings, are the focus of their lives. There is a need to remember that your relative is still the person that they were before. They are still the individual that you loved with the same life experiences.

What has changed is how this person is experiencing the world right now. There can be great confusion as they are seeing things in a way that others aren’t. It is so important to try and see things from their perspective, whenever this is possible.

How you can help

There are various ways that you can support a loved one with dementia. However, everything that is done should be underpinned by:

• Remembering that they are still a person
• Making sure that they are involved in group conversations
• Not assuming what they may want – ask for their opinion
• Realising that they may not be confident in asking for help – make sure that you offer this
• Knowing that they can still do things just as you can -it is just that they need some assistance

One area that is often neglected is a person’s social life. It is important to allow them to carry on enjoying the hobbies and interests that they always have.

How can a care home help?

The time may come when caring for someone with dementia becomes too much. When that is the case, it is reassuring to know that dementia care is offered by homes such as those run by the ACI Care Group.

Where dementia care is offered, you can be assured that there are trained, professional, and caring staff who are able to provide for all of the needs of your loved one. This sees them enjoying an active social life, while always being treated as an individual, and with respect.

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