Residents of Mountside Care Home celebrated National Pyjama Day with enthusiasm and comfort, turning a normal day into the cosiest of the year.

The day was a day to embrace the joy of comfort and the acceptance of staying in pyjamas to add a twist to the day where everyone could embrace the focus of the day – relaxed comfort.

Residents and staff donned their favourite pyjamas, ranging from classic checks, stripes and other patterns. The relaxed dress code brought smiles and laughter, fostering a warm atmosphere throughout the facility.

Activities Director at Mountside, Kimberley shared, “Pyjama Day is more than just wearing sleepwear during the day; it’s about everyone coming together to participate in a fun activity together.”

The success of the day’s activities not only reinforced the sense of community within the care home but also highlighted the residents’ ongoing enthusiasm for engaging and meaningful interactions.

As Mountside looks forward to planning more themed days, the joy and unity experienced on Pyjama Day will surely linger in the hearts of all those who took part.

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