Residents of Mountside Care Home took a joyous step back in time this May Day, as they celebrated with a burst of colour and tradition, turning one of the care home’s pillars into a makeshift maypole.

Long, vibrant ribbons were festooned around the pillar, transforming it into the centrepiece of the celebration, as residents danced to the tunes of traditional May Day songs.

The idea, conceived by the care home staff, was to bring the spirit of May Day inside, allowing people of all mobility levels to participate in the festivities. The room was filled with laughter and lively music as residents all joined hands to weave the ribbons into colourful patterns around the maypole.

The celebration was a nod to the enduring traditions of May Day, recognised for centuries in many cultures as a festival welcoming the return of spring. The inclusion of a maypole dance, a practice dating back to medieval times in Europe, brought an authentic touch to the occasion, much to the delight of everyone involved.

Photos and videos from the day were shared on social media, showcasing the residents’ active participation and the vibrant environment created by the staff.

The event not only provided a nostalgic escape but also an opportunity for physical activity and social interaction, both of which are crucial for optimal wellbeing.

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