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Mountside Care Home celebrates Pride Month with drag queen Performance.

Mountside Care Home celebrated Pride Month with an unforgettable event headlined by the renowned drag queen, Paris Grande.

Residents and staff were treated to a dazzling performance that left everyone in awe and brought a vibrant sense of joy and community to the care home.

Paris Grande, famous for her energetic and captivating shows at London and Brighton Pride, did not disappoint. Her performance was a whirlwind of cartwheels, death drops, and spinning splits, showcasing her incredible talent and charisma. The audience was mesmerised by her energy, making it a show to remember.

In the lead-up to the event, Mountside Care Home was a flurry of activity as everyone came together to create a festive and colourful atmosphere. Bright decorations adorned the home to show their support and enthusiasm for Pride Month.

“We felt very lucky to have hosted Paris,” said Kimberley, activities Coordinator at Mountside Care Home. “Her performance was amazing and brought so much joy to our home. It’s been wonderful to celebrate Pride Month and to feel proud of who we are, while also being accepting of others.”

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