Are you looking for outings and excursion ideas for an older relative?


At our Gabriel Court Care Home, we understand the value of social activities for the elderly, and strive to help our residents lead fulfilling lives. That’s why we offer many opportunities to participate in enriching activities, both inside and outside of the home.


Keep reading to discover more about our recent outings and activities:

Best Social Activities for the Elderly | Planting flowers

Social Activities for the Elderly: Celebrating Awareness Days

National awareness days are an excellent way to create social activities for the elderly.


Celebrating these days can help to foster a sense of community and togetherness, whilst providing a change of routine. 


We love getting in on the action by organising a variety of activities to mark these occasions. From dressing up in costumes and enjoying themed meals to throwing fun events, we always strive to bring a little extra joy and excitement to our residents’ lives.


Over the years, we’ve celebrated many national awareness days, such as Scotland’s Burns Night, National Namesake Day and International Women’s Day. Each event is unique and special, and provides the opportunity to connect with our residents and make lasting memories together.

Best Social Activities for the Elderly | International Women's Day

Social Activities for the Elderly: Shopping Trips

Does your elderly loved one appreciate maintaining a sense of routine?


At our Gabriel Court Care Home, we understand the importance of daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. Our approach is to encourage our residents to participate in these activities to give them a sense of purpose and boost their cognitive and physical abilities.


We also occasionally take our residents along for trips to the supermarket, where we can pick up ingredients for a cooking or baking session. From selecting the ingredients to preparing the meal together, we’re always looking for opportunities to involve those in our care in day-to-day tasks.


By engaging in these activities, our residents can stay active and involved whilst still enjoying a sense of independence.

Best Social Activities for the Elderly | Our care worker serving up meals to residents

Social Activities for the Elderly: Outdoor Walks

If you’re looking into the best social activities for the elderly, outdoor walks are a brilliant option.


Our team at Gabriel Court regularly organise walks around our local area of Kettering. We believe that taking a stroll in nature can do wonders for our residents’ overall physical and mental wellbeing.


Regular walks has many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing certain health conditions and preventing falls. As well as this, it’s the perfect way for elderly individuals to get their dose of Vitamin D, helping to combat feelings of depression and anxiety.

A resident walking outside with a care worker

Cultural Activities for the Elderly: Excursions and Day Trips

Organised excursions and trips are also a core part of our offering. 


Nestled in Kettering, Northamptonshire, our Gabriel Court Care Home offers many opportunities to explore the local area. We love taking our residents to local shops and attractions, and believe this can help them to embrace new experiences.


Recently, we took our residents on a fun-filled sightseeing and shopping trip, which even included a visit to an art display. Taking our residents to new places offers them the opportunity to pursue their interests outside of the home.

A resident looking at the art exhibition

If you’re interested in finding out more about our social activities for the elderly, please contact a member of our team.

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